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Autumn is here! (sometimes we may feel it is Winter already but looking at nature tells us that we have more to go before we reach Winter). After the seasons of growth (Spring) maturity (Summer) and harvest (Late Summer), the leaves of the trees and plants fall and die. The air becomes heavy with mist and rain and the withered foliage rots on the ground. But Autumn is not just about decline and death - it has two aspects - the rotting and decomposition not only makes way for the new growth in the following spring but pours essential nutrients back into the soil. The decomposing leaves serve as a rich basis for new plant life of the next year. 

When we look at how the Metal Element expresses itself in Man and Woman, we see the same process at work - letting go of the old and taking in the new. The two organs of the Metal Element - Lungs and Large Intestine - are responsible for this natural flow within us. The Large Intestine (Colon) disposes of all the waste products. Now the ancient Chinese discovered that this disposal was not confined to physical waste - a healthy Large Intestine has the capacity to eliminate our mental and emotional waste - that which we may hold onto that does not serve us - thus a  healthy Large Intestine will eliminate all the rubbish at every level.

The Lungs on the other hand are responsible for taking in new things. Again on a physical level this is the air that we breathe but we need healthy lungs for the other levels of ourselves - to take in new ideas for the mind and new life for the spirit. 'INSPIRATION' captures this wider sense of the Lung's function. Connection to the deeper side of oneself and being able to connect with others giving us a quality of life that our Heavenly Father would approve of.


The ancient Chinese observed that the same energy that flows through nature flows through us - we are all part of the same earth/universal energy. Autumn gives us the opportunity to tune into the energy of letting go/receiving that is going on in nature and inside us at this time. So here are some tips for you to avail of the Autumn/Metal energy to enhance the quality of your health:

1. Look at the 'stuff' you have in your home and get rid of what is no longer necessary. It will feel good!

2.  Include ginger in your diet and have more home made soups - it will warm the lungs and help with elimination

3.The Ancient Chinese observed that the strongest time for the Large Instestine during the day is 5am to 7am. Get up earlier and this will give your bowel the chance to eliminate fully all the waste of the previous day allowing you to come into the new day ready to be inspired!

4. The energy of Autumn fortifies the skin and hair - brush your skin with a sponge or skin brush after your shower/bath to remove dead cells and stimulate the clearing of toxins.

Enjoy the magnificence of colours of the Autumn!




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    My headaches are much improved thanks to Classical Five Element Acupuncture. My dependence on medication for relief is at an end thank God. This has allowed me to focus on the important things in my life and not be drained and consumed by headaches.

    Anne, Clontarf, Dublin

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