What is Classical Five Element Acupuncture?

five_element_chart_popupClassical Five-Element Acupuncture, as taught by Professor J.R. Worsley, is unique among the various types of traditional acupuncture. It doesn't palliate symptoms. It derives its remarkable effectiveness by treating the Causative Factor (CF) of an illness.

Relying on natural laws, it recognizes that the health of a person's entire body, mind and spirit must be taken into account in order to fully diagnose the cause of an illness. Only then can the most effective help be offered so that people can regain their balance and health on all levels.

When we speak of Acupuncture, we are referring to Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, a complex system of healing which takes a considerable number of years to learn and very many more to gain experience and wisdom. 

A practitioner of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture has certain aims in mind when treating a patient. These are:

  • To treat the patient as a whole
  • To seek the cause of the disease
  • To correct the cause of the disease
  • To help the patient to get well and stay well

It is important to say that in 99% of cases the needles are not left in. We will insert the needle gently just below the skin and when it has connected with your Qi/energy the needle is taken out. This process takes about 2-3 seconds. Our use of thinner needles and correspondingly gentler needle techniques are also welcomed by patients.

Also in Classical Five-Element Acupuncture the treatment usually takes an hour and we stay in the room with the patient all of this time - we do not leave the needles in and leave the patient alone in the room.

Classical Five Element Acupuncture is one of the safest, most comprehensive and far-reaching systems of healing in the world.

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What our clients say...

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I had bad headaches and found them draining and could not focus. My Doctor recommended Declan Rothwell – I was a bit sceptical and found it unusual for a Doctor to recommend ‘alternative’ medicine. I was in such pain I decided to go anyway.

After 4 weeks I felt substantially better – headaches were less intense and less frequent. My life was coming back to normal! I went a few more times on a less frequent basis to see Declan and I continued to improve. I am delighted to be rid of this weight and thank Declan (and my Doctor for the recommendation!) for such permanent relief.

David, Cork

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