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The Summer is associated with the Fire Element.  The Element corresponds with the season when annual growth is at the height of maturity. Openness and warmth are associated naturally with this Season of Summer, not only in the world about us but in ourselves also. The Element's gift to us is the ability to share that openness and warmth with other people, to love and be loved in equal measure, and to aspire to the highest level of maturity of which we are capable. The heat generated by the Summer helps us relax.

If the energy is not flowing well in a person however, there may be no summer in his/her life and joylessness and a state of tension will pre dominate. One of acupuncture points from the Fire Element is called 'Relax and Joy' - what a fantastic point to help someone who cannot experience that heat and the relaxing effect it has. With that relaxation comes a joy - giving us the ability to enjoy our friends and family; being outdoors and just enjoying life!


'Palace of Weariness' is another acupuncture point on the Heart Protector meridian/pathway. In ancient times in China a messenger would bring the Emperor news from far away. This messenger would travel hundreds/thousands of miles to bring this message and would be weary/worn out on arrival. He would be brought into the Emperor's Palace and he would be cared for and restored to health and balance with loving kindness and appreciation for his work. This point brings us into the very Palace that dissolves the Weariness - the Palace was the home of the Emperor in ancient times - the Emperor was equivalent to God - this point imbues us with a loving kindness, dissolving hurt and a feeling of being unloved; it restores our ability to love and be loved free of past experiences. What a point! Summer energy supports our capability to form relationships and have an easy flow in interaction - it helps us to feel warmed and enlivened by the interconnected web of relationships we have with our fellow human beings every day.Enjoy!



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    I have been attending treatment and at the risk of sounding dramatic I would say that it is one of the top life changing experiences of my life. My motivation for commencing treatment stemmed from general physical unease and exhaustion. Many of my friends and family found it strange that I was attending without the presence of any particular ailment or condition. I felt, however, that things ‘just weren’t right’. Thankfully my intuition was right because my experience of treatment has been a far deeper one. Whilst many physical issues have been aided, (indeed some have ceased to exist to such an extent that I have forgotten about them completely!), I value more the emotional and spiritual road that has been opened up for me. It is a fascinating and energizing experience, one of which I continue to feel privileged to receive.

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