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Children are our best Teachers

When we have children or nieces/nephews we sometimes jump to the belief that we need to teach them everything. Certainly as they grow up we need to help them to learn how to look after themselves/provide for themselves; how to relate to others appropriately; how to adapt to changing circumstances.

But consider for a moment that in fact children are our best teachers; can we emulate the happiness of a child? Can we generate a child's open and genuine smile? Can we be as playful and joyful as a child?

The ancient Chinese saw that we can learn much from the 'Way' of the 'Tao' of the child - when a child is tired they will sleep; when they are not tired they wont sleep (often much to our chagrin!); when they are hungry they will eat; when they are not hungry they wont eat; if they get upset/angry they deal with it immediately. As adults we sometimes eat when we are not hungry; sleep when we are not tired; and by ignoring our body's signals not sleep when we are tired; hold hurts/grudges for years.

Following the 'Way' of the Child means treading a path through nature's eternal changes acknowledging in all living things their essence or true spirit. Following the 'Way' allows us to acknowledge who we truly are and allows us to appreciate all creatures living in harmony.

Classical Five Element Acupuncture is a form of health care and healing which seeks to harmonise the human being with the 'Way'. To regain the spontaneity and genuine love of a child. We as your practitioner are ever mindful and trusting that Nature - allowed to work and flow unimpeded - will lead the person to health in body mind and spirit just as the rivers flow naturally and effortlessly to the ocean.

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I feel reborn. Declan has helped where nothing else worked – I tried so many different things with no success. Not alone has my back pain substantially improved but I feel so much better in myself. Thank you!

John, Santry, Dublin 9

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