Health Insurance and Tax Claims

Health Insurance

VHI, Laya Healthcare and Aviva Hiberian Health all recognise that members of the British Acupuncture Council are properly trained acupuncturists. As a result these health insurance companies will contribute towards the cost of your treatments at my practice - the exact amount depends on what plan you are on and what other eligible costs you accumulate in a year.

Tax Relief

The Revenue Commissioners have recently changed their regulations in relation to offsetting the costs of acupuncture against patients' tax liability. See for details..

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What our clients say...

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Work had become a big stress – it was affecting my sleep my relationship with my boyfriend. I didn’t believe that acupuncture could help this but a friend went and felt better so I gave it a try. Good! I am now so much stronger in myself now thanks to treatment. Work is easier and smoother and I have the capacity to get up out of the bed and face the day positively. I am now more relaxed and my boyfriend is happier to have a happier lady on his hands!

Deirdre, Wicklow

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