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Chinese Clock

Here's something to help you even if you never come for acupuncture. The Ancient Chinese discovered that every organ in your body has a two hour period of maximum capacity. This means that for two hours only each organ in turn has more energy - is more dynamic than at any other time during the day. Here's some insight into this Chinese 'body-clock'that will help your health and get more from your day. From 5am to 7am the Colon has more energy than at any other time during the 24 hour day. This therefore is the best time to defecate. If you are having any constipation issues try getting up earlier and after a month of this practice you may find that your bowel is more efficient - instead of 1/2 stools you may have a complete evacuation;the energy will be there for your bowel/colon at that time of the day to support balance and harmony in that organ. From 7am to 9am is the best time for the Stomach; thus the old adage - eat breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper! So go have a big breakfast - it will metabolise your whole system - the stomach can take it at this time of the day more than any other time.It will give you more vitality more drive and energy during the day. Unfortunately what we do in the West is have our biggest meal of the day at 7-9pm the weakest time for the stomach. We eat and then shortly afterwards go to bed! so if you love someone go have breakfast with them rather than dinner late at night!! Obeying these natural laws without recourse to any system of medicine will help you. Try it! It wont cost a penny!

Harvest Time!



Late Summer is an additional Season (the Fifth Season) that the Ancient Chinese observed existed in nature.  It is no longer Summer - it when the days shorten and the evenings are heavy with haze. So if you feel it is no longer Summer and not yet Autumn, we are in Late Summer. This is the time of harvest - the apples are ripe and ready for picking; the farmers are busy in the fields bringing in the hay and the crops; all the fantastic fruits  have ripened as the flower fades.


Food and the Five Elements

The ancient Chinese observed that fresh food (harvested within 24 hours or so) had the best nutritional value to us. The Chinese placed great emphasis on eating the meat or the vegetables while the Chi energy is still vital within the food. Our Chi energy will therefore become stronger and more balanced if we can eat in this way. We should not depend so much on eating frozen tinned and preserved food; we should eat foods that are fresh and this means buying particular foods during their appropriate season. Seasonal food is so important to our Chi – this is a fantastic way to eat – enjoying the strawberries in summer and the kale and cabbage in winter.


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I feel reborn. Declan has helped where nothing else worked – I tried so many different things with no success. Not alone has my back pain substantially improved but I feel so much better in myself. Thank you!

John, Santry, Dublin 9

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